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How To Plan Your Website Conversion Strategy

By John Kamuchau | August 20, 2016

Most websites look pretty but fail to deliver when it comes to the important things for the business. Regardless of your industry, the principle goal of your website should be able to generate lead and sales as well as helping your business achieve its goals online.

How to Determine The Content and Structure of Your Website

By John Kamuchau | August 15, 2016

After more than a decade of working with clients on websites, we’ve discovered that preparing content for your website is one of the biggest bottlenecks of the website development process. While it’s a little bit daunting, and seemingly a huge task, the first hurdle with writing your content is actually getting started.

Understanding Your Website Audience And Their Needs

By John Kamuchau | August 11, 2016

Have you ever visited a shop and felt completely out of place? You lost interest very quickly and couldn’t get out there fast enough. However, if you visited a shop where you were made to feel welcomed and they talked your language, you’ll most likely hang around and buy. That is the case with your website.

Understanding Your Website Competitors

By John Kamuchau | August 2, 2016

Do you want to be like everyone else or the business that stands out from the pack and crashes the market? Understanding your competition is crucial to getting the attention of your ideal customer and winning your market.